Return Policy
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Return Policy

Akicon dedicates to satisfying every customer to ensure that everyone who visits or orders on will have a fabulous purchase experience in every phase. Aftersale service is an indispensable part, which deserves our full attention. We believe settling every dispute peacefully and proactively is a way to improve ourselves to get closer to our customers. Akicon's return policy is a promise to every user of our website or product.


All of our items have a three months warranty. Items that arrive damaged or defective can return within 90 days of placing the order on our website. We ensure that all our items are brand new and in excellent condition before shipping. If you receive an item that does not conform to those standards, don't hesitate to contact us via Emails sent to Please keep and use the original package for returns, or we reserve our right to reasonably refuse your return requirement.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions about our Return Policies on this page, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page for customer service assistance.

A: Non-quality related returns

1. Shipped returns will deduct applicable shipping charges from your refund if the return isn't a result of our error. If you insist on returning the item, you can contact us via email to state your return reason and request a return label. Our customer care team will inform you of the shipping cost. Please note that the returned items must remain intact without impacting the second sale. You can request a refund when you send the item back to us.

2. You can also choose a self-selecting logistics company to return the item, and you will bear the shipping expenses yourself.  When you need the refund to be issued, you can send us an email indicating the order details and return tracking number to expedite the refund process.

Order Cancellation

1. Order cancellation before shipment: You could contact us via Email to have the order canceled timely. Indicating the order details, such as the order number, receiver's name, and other essential information, will help us locate your order immediately and cancel it promptly to avoid unnecessary troubles. You have 24 hours to decide whether to cancel it or not without any additional charge after placing the order. Once you get cancellation confirmation from our customer care team, we will send the complete refund to you in two business days.

2. Order cancellation after shipment: Items will be sent out the second day after placing the order. Cancellation after shipment will be liable to the recall cost charged by UPS, which is $16.40. If you are aware of the charge and still want to have the order canceled, you can contact us, and we will help you stop the delivery. After UPS returns the item, you can request a refund from us. This policy is only applied to the UPS ground delivery service. Items delivered by UPS repost, USPS, or truck do not allow to be intercepted. If you want to cancel the latter, you have to reject the packages when the shipping companies are trying to make the delivery, and shipping costs will be applied in this case.

B: Quality or other factors related to returns

If there is any quality issue with the item, please feel free to contact us; we will exert great effort to cope with the case according to the item's status with a partial refund, a full refund, and a return for a replacement.

Send the wrong item

1. You can choose to keep the wrong item at a discounted price offered by our customer care team. In the meanwhile, you can request us to send you the correct item that you have ordered. In this situation, you have to only pay for the wrong item at a favorable price.

2. You can request a return label to send the wrong item for the correct replacement or a full refund. After you have delivered the item to UPS, you can contact us for a replacement or a full refund as long as the return tracking number shows any further shipment status.

Item damaged during the shipping

Upon receipt of the item, if you find the item is damaged, please reject the delivery and take some pictures of the damaged item. After this, you can contact us via Email to report the situation with pictures to solve this.

If you received the damaged item, please get in touch with us with pictures of the damaged item; we will either send you return labels to return the damaged item for a replacement or a full refund or directly send you a new one or a full refund depending on the damage status of the item and your will.

Package Lost

After receiving the tracking number, you still haven't received the item by the expected delivery date. You may look around, check it with your neighbors, and contact the shipping company. After this, the package still does not show itself up. Contacting us with your phone number, we will set up a lost package claim against the shipping company to have your matter taken care of. It will take a week or so to get the investigation result from the shipping company. Please wait patiently during the period, and we will take relevant measures to have it settled.
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