About Akicon

Great Quality, Creative Team

A brand of unique home improvement products.

Founded in Texas in 2012, Akicon focuses on the design and function of

the product. Our products are designed not just gorgeous crafted but

solid to last. Whether kitchen or bathroom, we are dedicated to helping to

find your perfect accent.

High-quality products and supreme customer recognition are our mission.

Environmental responsibility is important for us. We do our best to ensure our

material and produce processes are as green as possible. As a gift of nature,

copper and solid wood are naturally occurring and eco-friendly materials.

We use natural materials to apply a unique design to the product.

We are also committed to preserving the environment through our production

process. Our artisan's handcrafted and handmade each copper or solid wood

product, giving each one its own unique style.

Copper and solid wood are also extremely recyclable use. When you choose

Akicon product, not only are you making perfect accents to your kitchen or

bathroom, but you’re also being eco-conscious.

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